Looking For A New Home and a Cash Rebate Too?

We have Special Government Financing available with 3.5% Down and a Credit Score minimum of 580

We have Special Government Financing available with ZERO Down and a Credit Score minimum of 580 for selected areas outside of Indianapolis

We have Insured and Conventional Financing available with rates starting at 4.50% +/- and a Credit Score minimum of 640. Interest rate buy downs are now available

We pride ourselves in helping New Home Buyers find the perfect new Home. We utilize the internet for the best New Home search results and then arrange for you to visit any new home development of your choice. You must contact us before visiting a Builder.  And, with the proper registration through our Company and the Builder, you will get a CASH Rebate at the closing of the purchase of your New Home. Actually, we share a part of the commission that the Builder pays to the Buyer Agent for your assistance in the search. I do not charge you any fees our for services. I will assure that you get all Builder incentives coming to you. Everything is the same as if you went to the Builder direct except you now have a sizeable Cash Reward for your help. The exact amount is determined by the price of the new home and other factors.

You can get started by requesting our Rebate Information Kit. It contains a Rebate Guarantee Letter and everything you need to participate in the Cash Rebate Program

Many Builders offer limited time special deals. Ryland, Westport Builders, Beazer, Fischer and Drees offer variations of special rates and programs as well as a free upgrades including some free basements. Centex Homes merged with Pulte Homes and offers “a consistent and fair price with no negotiation” to save you time and money … builders never have negotiated very much if any on their set prices.  Most builders do agree to pay a portion of your closing costs if you request.  I would be happy to meet with you with the Builders of your choice to get the exact particulars on their current offers. I become aware of special Builder deals on a nearly daily basis. Don’t miss out on opportunities … all are limited time offers and are subject to change at any time

Have a builder in mind? Make Sure To Call us first and we can tell you the special price reductions and upgrade specials that they are currently promoting

Now Are You Thinking about buying a NEW HOME? There are some good deals out there!

  • Do you know where to start?
  • Are you currently renting or buying?
  • Do you want to start from scratch and build a new home?
  • Do you want to see what is available on the ‘Spec’ market … new homes that are ready to move into or new homes that are in the pick your own carpeting and colors state?
  • Do you want to compare ‘New Construction” with existing homes?
  • Are you pre-approved for a potential new home mortgage? We can help!
  • What is your desired time frame for moving into your new home?
  • Do you want to save a lot of money in the process?
  • Do you have a house to sell?  We have 4 money saving Listing programs available.
  • Who can you really trust with the largest investment in your life?

You really do need an honest, experienced Realtor® and Full Service Real Estate Agent consultation and representation for your own piece of mind, safety and protection.

  • We offer 45 years of experience in the Real Estate Business selling both new and existing homes for people just like you.
  • We offer 45 years of a pristine record with the Better Business Bureau.
  • You have the questions … We have the answers!
  • Here is a question: who pays for a builder advertised free basement … you do!
  • Here is another question: who pays for a builder advertised free brick wrap … you do!
  • We can work with you (we offer a FREE personal consultation, it really is FREE).And, we can put CASH MONEY in your pocket!
  • We will rebate up to 1.25%* of the Purchase Price of your new construction home back to you at the closing of your new home sale transaction.  Could you use an extra $1,000 or $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 or more … cash money in your pocket?
  • As an option, we offer a choice of a combination cash rebate and a full week in a 1 or 2 bedroom Time Share Condo anywhere in the United States and particular locations in the Caribbean based upon availability.

Whoops, just changed your mind?  What to see what’s available with existing, recently built homes?  We can help you and will be still rebate up to 1.00%* of the Purchase Price.  Call us today!

Here are THE RULES:

  1. Call us FIRST before visiting any builder to get your Rebate Information Kit.

  2. If you want to visit builders before calling us, DO NOT EVER GIVE THEM YOUR NAME and DO NOT FILL OUT ANY SURVEYS or FORMS and DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING unless you Tell Them You Are Being Represented by Ken Fisher & Associates (Make sure you write down the builder representative’s name and the date of your contact).  Once the builder has your name, you no longer qualify for our services or the rebate unless you have told them that Ken Fisher is your Real Estate Agent of record.

  3. We will accompany you to any and all New Home Site Offices that you wish to visit.

  4. We will Register you with the builders of your Choice.

  5. We will arrange for a no obligation mortgage comparison between the builder’s mortgage offering and the independent mortgage market.

  6. We will provide a New Home Buyer Consultation at no cost to you.

  7. We will be there to assist you with the Contract Preparation.

  8. We will be there to accompany your on the Final Walk Through of your finished New Home before closing.

  9. We will be there to accompany you to the closing of the sale.

  10. We will personally issue a Check to you at the closing of the sale transaction equal to up to 1.25%* of the price of the home (less the basement and upgrades depending upon the builder’s commission policy).  As an option,  we will issue a certificate using RCI or Wyndham Vacation Resorts for a Time Share Condo vacation (available on a first come, first serve basis).

Your Options

  1. Decide that you just don’t want the money … so you don’t call us … you then are on your own without experienced independent representation and much needed assistance in the process of purchasing and building your new home.

  2. Decide you want to use another company who will most likely not provide a rebate or rebate much less if you can figure out how to actually get it, and who most likely will not really represent you with the builder, provide any information whatsoever nor attend the closing of your purchase transaction as is required by Indiana law. You see the once and then at the closing when it is time for them to get paid.

  3. Decide that you don’t really want to build a NEW home, but would like to buy another home and would still like to have top quality real estate agent representation and CASH BACK AT THE CLOSING.