We offer a complete personalized ONE-ON-ONE Training Program and an excellent Commission Package, Recruiting Bonuses and much much more

  • Full Time, Flex Time, Part Time and Active Referral Agent Opportunities.
  • Seller Agency, Buyer Agency and Limited Agency.
  • Four Successful Real Estate Marketing Programs, including two fully legal For Sale By Owner Programs.
  • Computer Access to BLC/MLS Expired Listing Leads and For Sale By Owner Leads.
  • We will make the initial contact with those Expired Listing Leads for you at no cost to you.
  • No Marketing Area Restrictions… we all work in 12+ counties.
  • We are not a Pyramid Company … your commissions are your commissions … your listings are your listings … no required agent commission sharing or listing sharing … EVER.
  • No Mandatory Office Time … direct referral to you on all of your Listing and Buyer inquiries at no cost.
  • No Monthly Desk Rent Charges – Why would you ever pay someone money to work for them?
  • No Transaction Processing Fees – Why would you pay someone for the work that you do?
  • No Administration Fees – Some companies charge closing fees of up to $695.00 on top of fees for every possible or imaginable step in the real estate listing, buying, selling, leasing process. They often try to charge your buyer or seller for this typically undisclosed fee.
  • No Forced Referrals of Your Buyers or Your Sellers – Why would you want to kiss your potential commissions goodbye for a pittance referral fee from someone with ‘more experience’!
  • Regarding out-of-town Referrals, we refer to up to 3 Real Estate Brokers without mandated or political ramifications … our Referrals have an 85% success resulting in commission referral fees to you. Some Agents make more money on Referrals than on their own local business.
  • Real Estate Business Knowledge, Business Success and Franchise Participation just don’t match up! Why pay big money out of your pocket to some big bucks corporation in New York or Colorado or Indianapolis or somewhere else unless you are Lonely and really need a group atmosphere to make you feel good? Forget that, take Prozac if you need it and contact us.
  • No Franchise Fees or Management/Mentoring Fees deducted from your commission earnings. Do you really want to pay to talk to the Boss? … Comedy Central is a TV channel!
  • No Advertising Fees or Internet Fees deducted from your commission earnings.
  • No Forms fees or Sign fees or Telephone fees deducted from your commission earnings.
  • In-Your-Home Virtual Office Capability … we do require that you have a computer with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher, at least one e-mail address (preferably not with AOL), a true voice mail account, and a text capable cell phone. Within 90 days of your association with the company, we will recommend that you have a basic web site and do recommend using the money-saving WordPress.com, GoDaddy.com or WIX.com for your personal web sites.
  • Definite advantages of an experienced smaller, responsive, innovative Personal Service Company. We were not born yesterday!
  • Proactive Management on Demand … a 1 to 5 ratio.
  • You spent a lot of time and a lot of money learning how to pass the Real Estate Licensing Test … now what?
  • One-On-One 25 Hour Personal Training and Board of Realtors® Training ProgramsYOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW … We Will TRAIN YOU … there is NO Shortcut! O-J-T can put you in a court room.
  • We will teach you face-to-face in person how to do business and how to make money using both e-Mail and the Internet.
  • We will show you how to handle the Do-Not-Call list properly … it is not really that big of a problem if you know what to do.
  • We really will take the time to show you how to prospect for and secure quality buyer and seller prospects, how to properly make property appointments and how to be on time, how to use a lock box, how to actually show a house to a prospect, how to handle requested feedback, how to write a listing contract and a successful purchase agreement, how to handle form amendments and addendums, how to monitor a transaction right on through closing, and how to attend a closing as well as many other functions that are just not taught by the fast-track companies. And we will do it one-on-one and face-to-face. We also offer brush-up training at your convenience. We are not in the body-shop business! Our objective is to help you become successful and to help you make money!
  • We will process your listings into the BLC/MLS promptly and at no additional cost to you and later teach you how to do it.
  • We will prepare listing contracts and prepare purchase agreements and supportive documentations for you if desired for up to six months at no extra cost.  After that time, a reasonable fee will be deducted from your commission earnings. You will be trained to complete these tasks yourself quickly and effectively.
  • You may well find out that a lot of real estate companies are just using you to their financial advantage! They make money whether you do or not! You do have a choice for your career and to your potential success or failure before you ever commit to a company.
  • You may develop and use your own mortgage company sources, title company sources, inspection company sources, home owner insurance sources, etc, or you may use our recommendations. We firmly believe that financial relationships with these types of companies are illegal as they are non-competitive violations of RESPA, and typically cost the buyer and seller more money … the sub-prime mortgage scandal was a product of these relationships.
  • You will enjoy the Benefits of 45 Successful Years in the Business.
  • We offer Lower Company Start-Up and Operating Expenses$250 per Quarter for the Office Fee and E&O Participation which covers your personal home sales too.
  • We provide an Excellent Commission 70% Split + Low Cost RCI Time Share Condominium Vacation buy-ins with no deductions for franchise fees or anything else!
  • That’s right, we do pay a 70% commission split … and we don’t charge you to work here to get it!
  • We also pay a recruiting bonus for qualified and productive agents you may bring to our company.
  • And, don’t forget, we do require that you request the $1,000 Performance Bonus during your interview (paid after the first closed sale and one year of association).
  • Immediate Commission payment – we do not hold your commissions!
  • We Offer A Very Good Income Potential!

We ARE NOT the new kid on the block. Ken Fisher has 45 years experience in the real estate business and is considered by many in the business to be one of the most innovative and leading edge Independent Real Estate Brokers in the business in Central Indiana.

Ken R Fisher & Associates, Inc. has been providing services to the public since 1988. Since 1988, we have surpassed $111,000,000 in Property Closed Sales. We were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow. To us, fly by night is something that bats do!

If you are Sincere and REALLY DO want to work in the real estate business, this may be the best time for you to contact us for a confidential personal interview.

We have answers to questions you won’t even think to ask! The Real Estate market really is improving!  We continue to have good year over good year considering our money-saving service offerings and exceptional results.  The year 2017 looks very, very good for Sellers and Buyers alike (even as interest rates creep upward).


We are seeking both new and experienced agents for our innovative and expanding company.

It’s never too late to make a change for the better. This may well be the best move you have ever made! Give Ken a call today for a No Obligation interview. You have apparently read this far, take the next step and call 845-9511 … it won’t cost you a dime.

Real Opportunity Knocks But Once! Don’t answer the wrong door! You will find out too late!